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I am a Computer Vision Scientist at Affectiva, working on building domain invariant facial identity/expression/attributes recognition & synthesis models. Prior to Affectiva, I was part of the CVRL group at the University of Notre Dame working on my PhD under the supervision of Dr. Patrick Flynn and Dr. Kevin Bowyer (co-advisers), and Dr. Walter Scheirer. My doctoral dissertation primarily focuses on artificial face synthesis (stills and videos) & reposing and studies their effects on the face recognition pipeline. I also spent some time working with Dr. Marya Lieberman on counterfeit drug detection at Notre Dame and with Dr. Matthew Shreve on facial aging at Xerox PARC. Before joining graduate school in 2013, I briefly worked as an engineer for Unisys Corp in Bangalore, India, and prior to that I was an undergrad learning about computers at NIT Durgapur (2008-2012). 

Publications (* denotes equal contribution)

1. S. Banerjee, W. Scheirer, K. Bowyer, and P. Flynn, "Analyzing the Impact of Shape & Context on the Face Recognition Performance of Deep Networks", under review.

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LEGAN: Disentangled Manipulation of Directional Lighting and Facial Expressions whilst Leveraging Human Perceptual Judgements", AMFG@CVPR 2021. [arxiv] [PDF] [Poster] [Synthetic Dataset + Perceptual Labels] [Best Paper Runner Up]

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8. S. Banerjee, W. Scheirer, K. Bowyer, and P. Flynn, "Fast Face Image Synthesis with Minimal Training", WACV 2019. [arxiv] [IEEE Biometrics Newsletter Article[Notre Dame Synthetic Face Dataset (2M faces,12K synth. subjects, 8K 3D head models)]

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Other Relevant Information

1. Invited Talks - Colorado State University (2021), MIT AgeLab/AVT Consortium (2021), WACV 2019 Doctoral Consortium, Midwest Vision Workshop 2018, Amazon Graduate Research Symposium 2017, NSF Data Science Workshop 2016.

2. Outstanding Reviewer Award -
CVPR 2021.

3. Program Committee Member - Human Behavior Understanding Workshop, WACV 2021.

4. Conference Reviewer - CVPR 2020/21/22, ICCV 2021, WACV 2020/21/22, ACCV 2020, IJCB 2020/21, BTAS 2019, ICB 2019.

5. Journal Reviewer - TPAMI, TIP, TIFS, TBIOM, TVCJ.


6. TeachingComputer Networks (CSE 30264) and Ethics and Professional Issues (CSE 40175). (Fall '13 and Spring '14, both at Notre Dame)